EZ Log Structures offers an extensive variety of models and sizes to suit any purpose or desire. These kits are made using kiln-dried, milled spruce tongue and groove log pieces that fit together with ease. They puzzle-like assembly means anyone can put it together, saving you money on assembly.


Click here for a pdf of the EZ Log price list:


Please note that these are manufacturer prices that do not include shipping to the store, shipping to customer location, or assembly. Please contact the store for a full quote.

Delivery & Assembly

The main feature of EZ Log Structures is how easy they are to assemble. The pieces are all provied (save for shingles), as well as instructions to guide you, and fit together like a puzzle. This means you can assemble your EZ Log Structure yourself, saving you money.
If you would like to have your EZ Log Structure assembled, however, we do offer this service, as well as base preparation. We typically recommend a 6" compacted, granular stone base, and ensure that the shed is level to the point that the doors open and close properly. We take no responsibility for issues related to an improperly-prepared base that we did not install.
For quotes on delivery, assembly, or base preparation for your EZ Log Structure, please contact us, as price depends on the model and size of your chosen structure, and may require a site visit, which we provide free-of-charge within a reasonable area. Contact us now to learn more!

How to Order

We require a 50% deposit for all orders. When you have found your perfect shed, come into the store and we will do up an order form. EZ Log usually delivers within 2-3 weeks, and the other 50% can be paid upon pickup or before/during delivery, if you choose to have it delivered. We accept Visa, Mastercard, certified check, or cash, and we do have a portable machine for use during deliveries.